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On Sale from: $198.00

Renault returned to Grand Prix racing in 1977, having won the very first Grand Prix ever in 1906!

The comeback was built around a superb iron-block, belt driven, four-cam, V6 engine. Although their idea did not produce the hoped for Championship, it did win many races, and they did win on technology: for they led the way for all others to follow.

Furious detail!

Our miniature replica, designed in grand 1:18 scale, is a thing of rare beauty. Special features include a removable cowling to showcase an unprecedented level of furious detail: fully wired and plumbed V6 Renault-Gordini engine, twin turbos coupled to accurate intercoolers, water and oil cooling radiators in photo-etch, fully detailed cockpit with suede-like covered seat, all aluminum tub, pipes, hydraulic hoses, wires, and much more.

Functioning features include: true-to-the-original suspension system with genuine coil springs and mechanical links, sophisticated steering mechanism, and rotating disc brakes.


•Rubber-like Michelin racing slicks
•Fully detailed drivers cockpit with suede-like seat covering
•Finished in authentic three-tone Renault colors, polished to a high luster
•Removeable cowling for full view of chassis and engine detail
•Functioning steering and front suspension
•Hand assembled from over 250 scaled precision parts. Numerous photo-etched details
•Unprecedented level of detail in the fully wired and plumbed, twin turbo, Renault-Gordini V6 engine
•Designed in 1:18 scale. over 10" long. Full die-cast body
•Superb 11 step paint finish. Special plated chassis, simulating aluminum

Start your collection today!

With the introduction of this new miniature, we bring you more than just a model: we bring you an intricate reproduction of the real thing!

Own one of the greatest F1 racing machines ever! All models are specifically designed with the serious enthusiast in mind.

On Sale from: $198.00

1980, The F1 Technology Champions I, Exoto Renault RE-20 Turbo
1980 Grand Prix of France, René Arnoux
1980 Grand Prix of France, René Arnoux, Finish Line Plus
Winner, 1980 Grand Prix of Austria, Jean-Pierre Jabouille*
Winner, 1980 Grand Prix of Austria, Jean-Pierre Jabouille*
Winner, 1980 Grand Prix of Austria, Jean-Pierre Jabouille*, Finish Line Plus
   *Driver figure included

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