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Priced from: $1,695.00

Every great story has a beginning. The Ford '999' - named after the New York Central's record-breaking steam locomotive - is at the root of the Ford legend that spans over 100 years.

In 1901 Henry Ford was the driving force behind the construction of a car to challenge a race on the oval in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Contrary to expectations, in the hands of Barney Oldfield the Ford racer won! The $1,000 prize, and more importantly, the publicity are credited with starting the Ford success story.

Superlative detail and finish

Exoto could not resist crafting this superb record breaker, the first Ford racing car ever to complete a race! At first glance it may not look complex, but recreating every furious detail presented the Exoto engineering team with challenges previously unseen in all our years of modeling.

Engineering began with the inner workings of the 1,155.3c.i. (18.9liter) four cylinder engine with its open-bottom lubricated by grease canisters! We sought to reproduce the exposed crankshaft and pistons in grand 1:18 scale. We connected everything together to make the most sophisticated replica we've ever produced: At one end of the crank we attached the flywheel, a driveshaft that meets the rear axle at a working crown wheel and pinion, driving lovingly hand-laced genuine brass wire wheels. Driven off the front of the engine are fuel and water pump gears!

Some of the other special features include a radiator created from over 650 pressed brass fittings threaded onto the cooling tubes, machine turned nuts and bolts, highly detailed engine, hand-wrapped wiring harnesses, wired beer can-type batteries in a locking box, and much, much more made from wood, wood veneer, zinc, brass and photo-etch metal.

Functioning features include: steering with accurate mechanical action, functioning brass leaf spring suspension up front, engine flywheel brake function, foot brake actuating the rear axle drum brake, spring-loaded pedals, fuel mixture adjustment, and more!


• Simulated brass intake manifolds and more
• Accurate steering function with all metal construction
• Locking battery box containing six wired beer can-typ batteries
• Simulated wood chassis features machine turned nuts and bolts, and metal brackets
• Foot brake acts on spring-loaded mechanism that tightens a genuine leather strap on the rear brake drum
• Over 650 genuine pressed brass fittings threaded onto cooling pipes in the huge radiator
• Lovingly hand-laced brass wire wheels with balloon-type Firestone tires
• Huff coils connected with metal posts to hand-wrapped wiring harness
• Spring-loaded pedal, flywheel brake
• Leather-covered seat
• Fuel mixture adjustment
• Brass fuel tank breather
• Working crown wheel and pinion connecting solid metal rear axle and drive shaft
• Limited editions. Designed in 1:18 scale.  Approximately 8" long
• Hand assembled from over 1,400 scaled precision parts in photo-etch metal, brass, plus many machined turned parts
• Vintage paint and staining finish. Authentic colors

Reserve one today

With this new addition to our Racing Legends series, Exoto brings you more than a replica: we bring you the best reproduction of the real thing! Reserve your own numbered, limited edition Ford Racing Legend -- call us or order on-line -- let us build one for you today! This is an Exoto that must be seen and touched to be appreciated. It will surpass your expectations!

Priced from: $1,695.00

1902, Barney Oldfield, Record Breaker
1902, Barney Oldfield, Record Breaker, With Henry Ford Figurine
Biographies: Barney Oldfield, The Life and Times of America's Legendary Speed King
Biographies: Barney Oldfield, The Life and Times of America's Legendary Speed King
1902 Exoto Henry Ford '999': 1902, Barney Oldfield, Record Breaker, Finish Line Plus
1902 Exoto Henry Ford '999': 1902, Barney Oldfield*, Record Breaker, With Driver Figurine, Finish Line Plus
1902 Exoto Henry Ford '999': 1902, Barney Oldfield, Record Breaker
   *Driver figure included

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