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On Sale from: $198.00

The XJ-R9 LM, a purpose-built derivative of the XJ-R9, was the right tool for the task. In 1988, the Silk Cut TWR Jaguar team put an end to Porsches streak of seven consecutive victories and re-established Jaguar's reputation in an instant by taking the top honors. The "leaping cats" from Coventry, England were back with a vengeance!

Superlative detail and finish

Recreated from a digital master consisting of over 4,000 3D reference points, every aspect of the Jaguar XJ-R9 LM is precisely and faithfully recreated, accurate to within .006"! New technologies have been employed, breaking new ground in the die-cast world.

Each Jaguar XJ-R9 LM replica features a die-cast zinc metal body, tub and belly pan with opening doors and removable rear bodywork. This wonderful new replica is suspended on a functional race-tuned suspension and active steering. Rubber-like Dunlop slick tires with race-scrubbed surface adorn miniature wheels with machine turned valve stems.

The interior is purposeful, like the real Jaguar XJ-R9 LM, and as carefully replicated as any other area of this ferocious racer. The doors open in true-to-the-original butterfly motion on specially developed ball joints to reveal a simulated carbon-fiber seat shell with suede-like covering, fabric seatbelts with photo-etch metal fastening hardware, and acres of glassed carbon-fiber finish.

The thundering 7-liter V12 Jaguar engine is fully wired and plumbed, using genuine braided hoses, rubber hoses and simulated anodized high-pressure fittings. Furious details like photo-etch metal on the valve covers and individual fastening hardware on the exhaust headers add a crispness and realism that will make you think you can feel the heat rise off this hot motor!


• Doors open in accurate motion on apecially developed ball joints
• Polycarbonate windshield, side windows and headlight covers
• Antenna in machined brass
• Accurately textured, heat disipating exhaust's shields
• Genuine wire mesh in the side air intakes
• Real coil springs on functional suspension, front and rear
• Front tow hook in photo-etch metal
• Front-mounted cooling radiator faced in photo-etch metal
• Steering function
• Glassed, simulated carbon fiber
• Fully wired and plumbed Jaguar V12 motor
• Race-scrubbed Dunlop Denloc slick rubber-like tires
• Full die-cast body and chassis with removeable rear bodywork
• All graphics are spray mask painted and tampo painted-no decals!
• Highly detailed rear bodywork reveals tantilizing mechanical details
• Taillights are wired under the rear bodywork
• Limited editions. Designed in 1:18 scale.  Approximately 11" long
• Recreated from over 4,000 3D reference points, accurate within .006"
• Assembled from over 200 injected parts plus many photo-etch parts
• Superlative paint finish. Jaguar factory colors. High lustre

Reserve one today

With this addition to our new Gold Label Motorbox collection, Exoto brings you more than a replica: we bring you the best reproduction of the real thing! Reserve your own superlative Jaguar XJ-R9 LM today -- call us or order on-line -- let us build one for you today!

On Sale from: $198.00

Winner, 1988 Le Mans 24 Hours, Dumfries/Lammers/Wallace, Jaguar XJ-R9 LM
Winner, 1988 Le Mans 24 Hours, Dumfries/Wallace/Lammers, Jaguar XJ-R9 LM, Finish Line Plus
1988 IMSA, Castrol Presentation car, Jaguar XJ-R9 D
1988 IMSA, Castrol Presentation car, Jaguar XJ-R9 D, Finish Line Plus
Art Prints: Night Prowler
1988, The First To The Finsh Line Bundle, Exoto Jaguar XJ-R9 & XJ-R9 D
1988 Daytona 24 Hours, The 24 Hours of Daytona IMSA Cats, Exoto Jaguar XJ-R9 D
1988 Daytona 24 Hours, Lammers/Jones/Sullivan, Jaguar XJ-R9 D

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